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Teaching our members how to effectively execute the programs and functions of The American Legion is critical to our success. We must mentor new members, whether they are veterans of Vietnam, Korea, WWII or fresh from combat ops in Iraq or Afghanistan. They must know how and why the nation’s largest wartime veterans’ organization operates, and be able to lead us into the future.

Training should be one of the top priorities at all levels of the organization. From the top down and inside out, even the smallest pebbles of knowledge can create a ripple effect of energy and excitement throughout our ranks. There are countless Legionnaires ready to carry on our mission, waiting only to be taught how.

It is everyone’s responsibility to carry on this vital mission, not just the top leadership. Every Legion family member with the skills and knowledge to share should do so at every opportunity.

This guide is intended to give you the guidance and confidence to get started. Consider it your first pebble. Now go out and make a few waves of your own.

Training Resources - DVDs and Videos

For Which It Stands (DVD) - Flag Etiquette video for school children. Purchase through National Emblem Sales. Includes teacher and presenter guides.

American Legion Baseball “Play Ball” (DVD) - Training, promotion and marketing video about American Legion Baseball. Distributed through National Americanism Commission.

America’s Veterans (DVD) (VHS) - Focuses on importance of veterans and why we celebrate Veterans Day. Purchase through Emblem Sales.

The American Legion High School Oratorical Scholarship Program “A Constitutional Speech Contest” (DVD) - “How To Conduct an Oratorical Contest” and “Judges Briefing”. Distribution provided by National Americanism Commission.

Responsibilities of a District Commander (DVD) - Training DVD distributed by the Internal Affairs Division.

Membership and Post Operations Training ( 2 DVD Set) - Training DVD - Developing an Effective Post Membership Team (Includes PR Video) and “Guidelines for Post Operations and Leadership.” Distributed by the Membership Division.

Post Public Relations (DVD) - Training DVD on developing and executing a post public relations program. Distribution provided by the Public Relations Division.

Conducting A Successful Blue Star Salute Event (DVD) - Distribution on request through the Public Relations Division. Provided with the Blue Star Salute Booklet.

Michael Peterson’s “It’s Who We Are” (DVD) - Video contains segments on American Legion Legacy Fund Public Service Announcement, the title song and a “four pillars” segment to show to general audiences.  Available from the Americanism Commission.  Ideal video for use at public speaking events about The American Legion.

Four Pillars Campaign (DVD) - 60-second Television Public Service Announcement and various print ads of different sizes.

The National Legislative Council – Responsibilities and Procedures (DVD) - Training DVD about lobbying for American Legion positions.  Distributed by the Legislative Division.

Boys State and Girls State (DVD) - Recruiting and promotion video for post chairmen to use for recruiting potential students and selling to schools and sponsors. Distribution provided by the Americanism Commission.

Heroes To Hometowns (H2H) (DVD) - Training DVD for posts and departments outlining tasks and responsibilities associated with supporting the H2H program.

Training Resources - PowerPoint Presentations

Children & Youth (PowerPoint) - Various topics on Children & Youth as presented at the National Conference.

American Legion Extension Institute (PowerPoint) - Available from National Internal Affairs & Membership Division.

ALPOP Training (PowerPoint/PDF) - Informational presentation covering the ALPOP & AIM! software package.

Member Benefits (PowerPoint) - Available from the Marketing Services Group.

National Emergency Fund (PowerPoint) - Available from National Internal Affairs & Membership Division.

Heroes to Hometowns (multiple presentations available) (PowerPoint)
• H2H Introduction (presentation)
• VAVS Presentation
• H2H Volunteer Management (presentation)
• H2H Networking (presentation)
• H2H Diverse Volunteers (presentation)
• Employment & Education (presentation)

Training Resources - Handouts/Booklets

Order Information - To order any of the instruction materials or handouts identified on this website, call The American Legion National Headquarters at (317) 630-1200 and ask for the division that oversees instructional materials for the topic(s) needed.  You may also send email to the applicable division.  Many free items are also available for download on this website by clicking the link.

Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Division

Guide for Women Veterans - Identifying Risks, Services and Prevention:  Guide on women in the military, transitioning from active duty, women’s veterans’ health issues, breast cancer self-exam guide, mental health issues and services available for women veterans.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:  Guide explaining Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), symptoms, who gets it, combat and other deployments, families, military sexual trauma, what can be done, how to file a claim and resources.

What to do Before a Veteran Dies:  Provides information on gathering important documents, VA burial and memorial benefits, burial in a VA National Cemetery, headstones and markers, burial flags, reimbursement of burial expenses, presidential memorial certificates, Arlington National Cemetery and military funeral honors.

Veterans: The War Against Hepatitis C:  Provides information on Hepatitis C, knowing your risks and planning your attack if you are infected.

The American Legion Debt Management Guide:  Guide that explains the Debt Management Center, collection process, settlement options, payment options, notes and diary of events and financial status reports.

Sourcebook for Military Personnel and Veterans:  Pocket resource that provides information on U.S. military operation locations/time periods, VA disability, educational, employment, family, health care, insurance and home loan benefits.

Agent Orange Benefits and Programs – A Guide for Vietnam Veterans and Their Families:  Brochure explaining Agent Orange benefits for Vietnam veterans and their families, eligibility for Agent Orange-related compensation, dependency and indemnity compensation and temporary financial assistance.

Gulf War Benefits and Programs – A Guide for Veterans and Families:  A guide giving the basics on benefits – insurance, VA pension, veterans preference, upgraded discharges, disability compensation, getting help to complete applications, advocacy and obtaining family benefits.

Welcome Home – Operation Iraqi Freedom & Operation Enduring Freedom Veterans:  Veterans benefit summary of VA Disability Compensation, VA medical care, dental treatment, vocational rehabilitation, and much more.

Veterans affairs and Rehabilitation Code of Procedure:  Internal staffs guide explaining The American Legion Code of Procedures – recognition of representative or organizations, power of attorney and other VA claims regulations.

Heroes To Hometowns:  Heroes to Hometowns application to request for assistance.

Economics Division

Active Duty Legal Rights – Guide to the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act; Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act; and other resources: A guide that outlines protections provided by Congress for servicemembers who have been activated to serve their nation in the global war on terror.

Job Fairs For Veterans:  This guide is an overview of how your post can link employers with a pool of job seekers that are talented and adequately prepared due to military training.

Employment Service Awards:  These are applications for departments to confer national recognition annually on one outstanding Local Veterans Employment Representative (LVER), one Disabled Veteran Outreach Program (DVOP) specialist, and one local Employment Service office.

Employer Awards Program:  These are applications for departments to recognize employers and individuals that hire and assist veterans in obtaining and maintaining gainful employment.

A Resource Guide for the Homeless Veteran:  This pamphlet is intended to help homeless veterans locate resources and benefits that are available to them because of their military service.

Pocket Guide to The American Legion’s Economic Award Program: This pamphlet explains procedures to nominate employers and individuals across the country who have established outstanding records in the employment and retention of disabled and nondisabled veterans.

Questions and Answers About Your first Resume:  A pamphlet that provides veterans with tools that assist them in writing their resume.

The American Legion Primer on Veterans Preference:  A guide that explains the 5 and 10 point veterans’ preference and how this preference benefits veterans in applying within the federal government.

Manual for Employment Chairmen:  This manual provides the policies, programs, and other significant information concerning The American Legion’s National Economic Commission.

VA Home Loan:  A guide that gives general rules for eligibility when applying for a VA home loan.

Internal Affairs & Membership

Post Officer’s Guide and Manual of Ceremonies:  The principle handbook to assist American Legion officers in fulfilling their responsibilities.

Post Adjutant’s Manual:  A blueprint to help Legionnaires handle their daily duties as post adjutant.

Post Operations Manual:  A guide to set up accounting procedures for the post.

Post Membership Team Training Guide:  A guide to assist membership teams with methods for recruiting and tools for retaining members.

District/County Commander Guide:  A resource guide to assist district/county commanders with their responsibilities.

American Legion Extension Institute:  A home study course of all phases and aspects of the Legion. Available for purchase through Emblem Sales.

National Security & Foreign Relations

Disaster Preparedness and Response for American Legion Posts:  Detailed recommendations on participating in your community’s disaster preparedness and response plan.

Americanism and Children & Youth Division

Americanism – General

Action Programs:  An overview of 13 major Americanism programs.

Americanism Manual:  A guide for planning and conducting Americanism activities.

Americanism Chairman’s Guide:  A complete breakdown of all duties and key responsibilities for the Legion department chairman.

Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States of America: The text of both documents.

Geography Coloring Book:  Activity book gives children concept of their position within the vast world. For lower elementary grades.

Get Out The Vote:  Information on conducting community voting related activities. LIMITED AVAILABILITY

Know Your America:  A 64-page study course on Americanism.

“Light Of Liberty” Comic Book:  Details our fight for freedom, how government works and the rights and responsibilities of every citizen.

"Our Country's Veterans" Comic Book:  Teaches children about our veterans and why we should honor them.

Veteran Of The Month:  Information on how to conduct a program for your community.


Baseball Brochure:  Emphasizes the benefits and reasons for posts to sponsor American Legion Baseball teams.

Baseball Rulebook:  Rules and regulations unique to American Legion Baseball.

“It’s Time To Play Ball!” American Legion Baseball (DVD):  A three-part DVD that explains the benefits of sponsoring and playing American Legion Baseball.

Boys State

Boys State Program:  A comprehensive overview of the government instruction program for high school students.

American Legion Boys State Prayer Manual:  Suggested sample memorial service messages and prayers for use by Boys State programs.

Chaplains Program

Saga Of The Four Chaplains:  Story of these men and the Chapel of Four Chaplains in Pennsylvania.

Chaplains "How To" Manual:  A resource “How to” manual for American Legion department and post chaplains.

Chaplains Prayer Manual:  Prayers and services for all occasions.

Service To God And Country:  A handbook for American Legion chaplains.

Children & Youth

Department Children & Youth Chairman’s Guide:  A complete breakdown of all duties and key responsibilities for the Legion chairman.

Children & Youth Program Piece:  A must for any Children & Youth volunteer. This booklet covers everything.

April is Children & Youth Month:  A guide to help you with your observance. Includes many program suggestions.

Make Halloween a Safe and Fun Night:  Designed for children. Facts on “Trick or Treat” safety.

Warning Signs:  Designed for children and adults. Facts about youth suicide.

“Gateway” Drugs:  Designed to help children make responsible decisions. Basic facts on alcohol, marijuana, tobacco and inhalants.

Temporary Financial Assistance:  Basic overview and description of TFA program.

Temporary Financial Assistance Applications:  Available through department headquarters or Children & Youth Chairmen 

Family Support Network:  Designed to promote support for military families.

National Family Week:  Emphasizes the importance of family togetherness during the week of Thanksgiving.

Play It Safe:  A short course in child safety - Designed for use by parents to teach safety facts to children.

The American Legion & Children’s Miracle Network:  Explains the Legion’s relationship with Children’s Miracle Network and the benefits of this alliance


Adult Literacy:  Suggestions for post and unit involvement. Lists resources for national literacy groups.

American Education Week:  Suggestions for post and unit participation in AEW. Revised annually.

Pact in Education Handbook:  Suggestions for conducting a well-rounded education program for post and unit involvement.

Policy on Education:  Our position on the status of education in America.

School Award Medal Program:  Program to develop ideals of Americanism in young people.

Guide for Parents and Students:  Gives parents and students hints for planning their future education.

Need A Lift?:  College scholarship listings; career, college profile, and financial aid information for higher education.

Eight and Forty Nursing Scholarship Fund:  Fact sheet about how qualified applicants can receive scholarships.

Flag Education

“For Which It Stands” Flag Education DVD:  A 20-minute video and learning activities with teacher’s guide. Designed to help grades 5-9 meet state education mandates for required flag education. Topics include the history, significance, meaning, proper display and treatment of the U.S. Flag. Flexible options for Legion presenters or teachers.

The Flag Code:  A history of the Flag; illustrates and describes how to display and respect it.

Let’s Be Right On Flag Etiquette:  Questions and answers on the proper treatment for the American Flag.

“Our Country’s Flag” Comic Book:  Educational comic book relates the history, significance and proper treatment of the United States Flag.

“I Pledge Allegiance” Comic Book:  Teaches children how to pledge allegiance to our Flag properly.

Junior Shooting Sports

Junior Shooting Sports:  Airgun marksmanship and safety program.

Junior 3-Position Air Rifle tourney Official Match Program:  Information, requirements and entry form for matches leading to national competition.

Oratorical Contest

National High School Oratorical Contest Finalists Orations: Printed text of annual final three orations.

National High School Oratorical Rules:  Rules, regulations and contest information for participants and chairmen.

National High School Oratorical Chairman’s Guide:  “How To” booklet for chairmen.

National High School Oratorical Contest Promotional Brochure: Full color, 3-panel brochure highlighting the contest.

Oratorical Contest DVD:  Includes the “How To Conduct the Contest,” “Contest Judges Briefing” and the most recent National Finals videos and Public Service.


Eagle Scout Of The Year:  Application form and instructions to apply for the Eagle Scout of the Year Scholarship.

The American Legion And Scouting:  The Boy Scout Program: What it offers and how a post can become a sponsor.

The American Legion And Scouting Square Knot Award: Information, eligibility, and selection requirements for the award.

American Legion Child Welfare Foundation

Child Welfare Foundation (CWF) General Information:  All about the foundation.

Contribution Envelopes:  All-in-one envelopes designed for easy use by the contributor.

Grant Guidelines:  Includes information on limitations, submission process and application policies.

Contribution Cards:  Fill in the blank card used to designate contributor.

Annual Awards:  Brochure lists our special awards presented annually for outstanding support.

Library Division

Resolutions and Reports:  Guidelines on writing resolutions and reports for The American Legion. Available free on request from the National Headquarters Library.

Public Relations Division

Public Relations Handbook:  A post-level guide for the PR officer.

Public Relations Handbook - Part 1 (PDF)

Public Relations Handbook - Part 2 (PDF)

Blue Star Salute:  An Amed Forces Day celebration.

A Day to Remember:  Event planning and promotion guide for a community commemoration of September 11, 2001.

National Headquarters Training Web Page

National Headquarters Publications Web Page


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