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Centennial Celebration

Every Department Has a Story - 11x17 placemat (PDF)

Centennial Celebration: Legacy and Vision Booklet (PDF)

Centennial Celebration: Post Workbook (PDF)

Suggested Speeches

Speech - American Legion Birthday (PDF)

Speech - Memorial Day (PDF)

Speech - Flag Day (PDF)

Speech - Veterans Day (PDF)

Speech - Pearl Harbor Day (PDF)


Iowa Legionnaire

Post Guides

Post Officer Guide (PDF)

Post Adjutant Manual (PDF)

Post Operations Manual (PDF)

Post Service Officer Manual (PDF)

Chaplain's Manual (PDF)

Membership Processing Manual (PDF)

Membership Team Training Guide (PDF)

M1 Garand Rifle Operation & Maintenance Guide (PDF)

Post Training Guide Booklet (PDF)

Public Relations Toolkit (Website)

Legion Publication Style Guide (PDF)

Membership Recruiting Materials

Why You Should Belong Brochure (PDF)

Changing World Recruiting Poster (PDF)

Emblem Family Poster (PDF)

Emblem Recruiting Poster (PDF)

Liberty Family Poster (PDF)

Liberty Recruiting Poster (PDF)

Uncle Sam Family Poster (PDF)

Uncle Sam Recruiting Poster (PDF)

American Legion General Overview Brochures

How We Help (PDF)

Serving America Brochure (PDF)

Serving Communities Brochure (PDF)

Serving Veterans Brochure (PDF)

Americanism / Children & Youth

Action Programs of Americanism Brochure (PDF)

Americanism Manual (PDF)

American Legion School Awards (PDF)

April is Children & Youth Month (PDF)

Baseball Brochure (PDF)

Boys State Brochure - National (PDF)

Children & Youth Programs Brochure (PDF)

Child Welfare Foundation Brochure (PDF)

Educator of the Year Brochure (PDF)

Family Support Network Brochure (PDF)

Flag Code (PDF)

Gateway Drugs Brochure (PDF)

Get Out The Vote Brochure (PDF)

Halloween Brochure (PDF)

Junior Shooting Sports Brochure (PDF)

National Family Week Brochure (PDF)

Nursing Scholarship Brochure (PDF)

Play it Safe Brochure (PDF)

Policy on Illegal Immigration Booklet (PDF)

Temporary Financial Assistance Brochure (PDF)

Veterans in the Classroom (PDF)

Veterans in the Classroom Brochure (PDF)

Vote America ((PDF)

Warning Signs of Suicide (PDF)

Internal Affairs

NEF - Before an Emergency (PDF)

NEF - During an Emergency (PDF)

NEF - After an Emergency (PDF)

NEF - Donate (PDF)

National Affairs

Disaster Preparedness Booklet (PDF)

Global War on Terrorism Booklet (PDF)

Active Duty Legal Rights (PDF)

Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation

Homeless Veterans Handbook (PDF)

Missing In America Program Brochure (PDF)

OCW Brochure (PDF)

OCW Post Guide (PDF)

OCW Event Poster (PDF)

VA Benefits Handbook (PDF)

VA Home Loans Brochure (PDF)

Veterans Affairs Voluntary Services (VAVS) Handbook (PDF)

Veterans Serving Veterans (PDF)

Message Points

Message Points - American Legion Riders (PDF)

Message Points - Americanism (PDF)

Message Points - Citizens Flag Alliance (PDF)

Message Points - Children & Youth (PDF)

Message Points - Economics (PDF)

Message Points - Foreign Relations (PDF)

Message Points - Membership (PDF)

Message Points - National Security (PDF)

Message Points - National Emergency Fund (PDF)

Message Points - Sons of The American Legion (PDF)

Message Points - Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation (PDF)

Other Publications

District Map (PDF)

Department Operating Structure (PDF)

Boys State Operating Structure (PDF)

Endowment Fund (PDF)

Patriot Day (Sept 11) Planning Guide (PDF)

Planned Giving Brochure (PDF)

National Constitution & By-Laws (PDF)

Blue Star Banners

Blue Star Banner - 1 star (PDF)

Blue Star Banner - 2 star (PDF)

Blue Star Banner - 3 star (PDF)

Blue Star Banner - 4 star (PDF)

Blue Star Banner - 5 star (PDF)

Blue Star Salute

Blue Star Salute Event Planning Guide

Cert Commendation - Post  (PDF)

Cert Commendation - Post Unit (PDF)

Cert Commendation - Post Unit Squadron (PDF)

Cert Honor - Post (PDF)

Cert Honor - Post Unit (PDF)

Cert Honor - Post Unit Squadron (PDF)

Cert Service - Post (PDF)

Cert Service - Post Unit (PDF)

Cert Service - Post Unit Squadron (PDF)

Ad 01 color (PDF)

Ad 02 color (PDF)

Ad 03 color (PDF)

Ad 04 color (PDF)

Ad 05 color (PDF)

Lg Ad color (PDF)

District Commander Resources

District Conference Checklist (MS Word)

Head Table Diagram (MS Word)

Introductions Diagram (MS Word)

Introductions (MS Word)

Program Sample 1 (8.5x14) Quadfold (MS Word)

Program Sample 1 Color (8.5x14) Quadfold (MS Word)

Program Sample 2 (4.25x5.5) Booklet (MS Word)

Program Sample 2 Color (4.25x5.5) Booklet (MS Word)

Program Sample 3 (8.5x11) Trifold (MS Word)

Program Sample 3 Color (8.5x11) Trifold (MS Word)

Sample Meeting Script (MS Word)

Planning Your Year as District Commander (MS Word)

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