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AMERICANISM COMMISSION                               

MEMBERS OF COMMISSION AND APPOINTMENT PROCEDURE:  The Americanism Commission shall have a Chairman and Secretary appointed by the Department Commander.  They shall serve from the time of appointment until the close of the following Department Convention.

RESPONSIBILITY:  The Commission shall direct and coordinate the activities of the Americanism Committees.  The Commission shall also be responsible for selecting the hosts for the Department Bowling Tournament and the Department Golf Tournament.


  1. Department Convention: The Chairman shall be authorized for two (2) days for purposes of conducting a Commission meeting, including the Americanism Committees, and to report to the Convention; the Secretary shall be authorized for one (1) day, for purposes of attending the Commission meeting.

  2. The Mid-Winter Conference:  The Chairman shall be authorized for two (2) days for purposes of conducting a Commission meeting, including the Americanism Committees, and to report to the Department Executive Committee.  The Secretary shall be authorized for one (1) day for the purpose of attending the Americanism Commission meeting.

  3. In the event an additional Commission meeting is required, the Department Commander may so authorize said meeting upon petition by the Chairman of the Americanism Commission to be reimbursed at mileage only.

  4. The Commission Chairman shall be authorized to select two (2) people to attend the National Americanism Conference sponsored by the National Organization for two (2) days each, less any reimbursement provided by the National organization.

OTHER AUTHORIZATION AND/OR DIRECTION:  The Chairman is required to provide a report of the Commissionís activities to the Fall, Mid-Winter, and Spring Department Executive Committee meetings and annually to the Department Convention.  The Chairman shall annually submit a proposed Commission budget to the Finance Commission before the Spring DEC meeting. 

Committees of the Americanism Commission

Community Service Committee
Children & Youth Committee
Boy Scout Committee
Baseball Committee
Oratorical Committee
Junior Shooting Sports Committee


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